The Bronze Buffalo Club

Bronze Buffalo Club

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication."

Leonardo Da Vinci

the bronze buffalo club

Since inception The Bronze Buffalo Club is universally recognized as the world’s premier and most exclusive western lifestyle and global sporting club. From the beginning and continuing still today the Bronze Buffalo Club only extends up to twelve new member invitation’s annually. Bronze Buffalo Club Members include: Captains of Industry, Celebrities, World Leaders, and Professional Athletes. Membership to the Bronze Buffalo Club is by invitation only.

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bronze buffalo testimonials

“Many of my life’s most rewarding friendships and cherished memories are because of my choice association within the Bronze Buffalo Family.”

Rob Riggle


“Fly-fishing on Bronze Buffalo Waters is among the finest found anywhere in the world. The boys should be very proud of what they’ve assembled because it’s undoubtedly the best of the best.”

coach bob knight

hall of fame basketball

“The distinguished group of people that associate themselves with the Bronze Buffalo Club is highly remarkable and the uniqueness of it’s gatherings are unlike anything I have ever experienced or been privileged to be a part of during my lifetime.”

Leigh H. Perkins

Chairman, the orvis company

“Although belonging to many other premier clubs around the world since the age of 23, until meeting the Hyde Brothers, I had never been involved with an organization and with people so unique and so special as that of the Bronze Buffalo Club.”

Wally Hawley

Co-founder, interwest capital partners