"our heritage and ideals, our code and standards...are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings"

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a family tradition

From a young age brothers and Bronze Buffalo Club Founders Justin & Cody Hyde developed a deep love and passion for the way of life that was instilled in them from the teachings and traditions of their parents, grandparents and preceding generations before them. Raised on a family bison and horse ranch in Wyoming, the brothers embraced their deeply rooted western cowboy heritage and learned a unique way of living on the ranch. 

Listen as Bronze Buffalo Member, Rob Riggle, hosts Justin and Cody on the Bronze Buffalo Podcast to discuss the Hyde Brothers’ unique upbringing and family traditions.

forging friendships

Justin and Cody Hyde spent their childhood learning how to work on the ranch, train and pack horses, hunt, fish and shoot, among many other things associated with their early lives on the ranch. Early in their professional careers, as young entrepreneurs,  they introduced this way of life to their friends, colleagues, and clients. For the first time, they realized that their upbringing was unique and resonated with others, helping them forge strong friendships and authentic bonds with other businessmen and women who shared their same values — being passionate about a life centered on family, sporting adventure, and western living. Through shared experiences on the riverbank, in the backcountry, on the racetrack, or on the golf course, there was always a genuine bond and lasting friendship formed with those who had recently been nothing more than strangers.

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do what has to be done

Old and new Traditions

Heritage is culture, history, landscapes, and traditions — a way of life. Each of us has our own heritage, and we believe in understanding and preserving that heritage at the Bronze Buffalo Club. We believe in hard work and accountability for our people, lands, herds, and wild places – in preservation, conservation, and storytelling to help our future generations value their unique and rich heritage. 

We believe in building legacy and expanding our heritage to encompass authentic traditions of the west through the exchange of ideas, and constant research, and learning in order to establish an even more rich Bronze Buffalo Heritage.


reconnecting and Expanding our Heritage

Over the years, we’ve had amazing opportunities to rub shoulders with incredible individuals and organizations who have made significant impacts on the way we live. In some instances, their rich cultures, tradition, and heritage create advantage and abilities that are unique and powerful. We invite and join with the world’s best to bring their traditions to the club to help us reconnect with western heritage in new ways, and they have helped us establish an incredible set of amenities, and western heritage to the Bronze Buffalo Club.

remember some things aren’t for sale

the bronze buffalo club

Nearly a decade and half ago, this realization sparked a desire to share their passions by creating the most unique and exclusive lifestyle club in the world. The “Bronze Buffalo Club” was created as a way to memorialize their family heritage and create a long-lasting legacy. To bolster the Bronze Buffalo Club, Justin and Cody, along with a small and select group of partners began to acquire a portfolio of world-class ranch and resort properties where they designed and hosted exclusive member-only events. Adventure, “bucket list” trips were also hosted for members to experience the world’s most desirable, and inaccessible venues and events. 

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the bronze buffalo world

Today, the Bronze Buffalo Club enables its members to embrace the traditions of western living, sporting, and adventure in a very intimate group of diverse families who share the same values and appreciation for life. Bronze Buffalo Club members enjoy rich and diverse amenities, experiences, and adventures as a part of their lives and find enrichment through truly timeless adventures, and priceless relationships forged through sharing once-in-a-lifetime memories with friends and family.

The Bronze Buffalo World continues to expand through the creation, engagement, and reconnection of rich western heritage. 

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always finish what you start


"what you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others."



Preserving the world’s most authentic horsemanship heritage is Bronze Buffalo Master Horseman, Jose Alejos, a 10th generation master Spaniard horseman. Jose’s 10th great grandfather, as Master Horseman for the Spanish Crown, was responsible for the introduction of many of the first horses transported into the Americas by the Spanish.  Because of the Alejos family’s outstanding Master Horsemanship, they became the first family to be deeded land by the Spanish Crown outside of the Spanish monarchy.  Jose still operates a piece of his family’s original 200,000-acre ranch deeded to the Alejos family 10 generations ago in present day Guatemala.

The traditions and methods taught to Jose by his grandfather have been passed down from generation to generation for more than a millennium continuing to this day as a one-of-a-kind Alejos family legacy.  Jose’s preservation of his family’s Spanish Master Horsemanship heritage elevates the rich history of Bronze Buffalo horsemanship to a level found no-where else in the world.

The Bronze Buffalo Purpose to “Save Horses & Change Lives” ™ further confirms the importance of the Alejos family’s Master Horseman heritage. Jose Alejos leads the Bronze Buffalo horse rescue efforts at the Bronze Buffalo Foundation —the nation’s foremost sanctuary for rescuing horses.  As he demonstrates his unique stewardship of rescuing horses, Jose feels an incredible spiritual connection to his forefathers, the Master Horsemen of generations past, and the American Mustang, descendants of the horses his 10thgreat grandfather introduced to this continent—an exceptional connection he now shares with the Bronze Buffalo Family. Today Jose resides full-time on the Bronze Buffalo Ranch in Star Valley, WY. He continues to direct his multigenerational Guatemalan Ranching operations through his children, the next generation of professional horsemen.

Listen to Jose talk about his 10 generations of family horsemanship heritage on the Bronze Buffalo Podcast:

western culinary

Since he was 16 years old, Chef Beau MacMillan has been entrenched in the traditions of western culinary. After over 30 years, he appreciates the simplicity and natural perfection of seasonal menus that focus on local, fresh, organic foods. Over the past few years, Chef Beau Mac has built an incredible culinary team at the Bronze Buffalo Club that deliver an incredible dining experience to events, outdoor experiences and every day dining at the Bronze Buffalo Grille. 


talk less, say more

golf legend, byron nelson

The Bronze Buffalo Ranch at Teton Springs celebrates a unique heritage and golf tradition, established by legendary golfer, Byron Nelson. The Bronze Buffalo Championship course is one of very few courses in the world designed by Mr. Nelson and the 9-hole, par 3, short course is the world’s only Byron Nelson designed short course. Today, Byron’s historic career, legacy, and heritage live on with every swing of a club!


leigh perkins - a true conservationist

Leigh Perkins, a late Bronze Buffalo Club Hall of Fame Member, combined his love of sport with a sharp mind for business when he purchased The Orvis Company in 1965. Under his guidance, Orvis became a mail-order powerhouse and the destination for people world-wide seeking the distinctive country and fly-fishing lifestyle. Today, Orvis is considered one of the leaders in fly-fishing innovation, and giving back to conserve and protect the world’s landscapes and waterways. Leigh’s personal impact on the Bronze Buffalo Club will be long-lasting and is memorialized in the Legends Golf and Casting Course at Teton Springs as the only golf and fly-fishing course of it’s kind. 


wilderness traditions passed on

Generations before the Bronze Buffalo Club was founded, the Hyde family made a living through hunting outfitting in the most remote parts of the continental United States. Wyoming’s famous Thorofare sits adjacent to Yellowstone National Park. Grandpa Hyde ran one of the largest outfitting businesses in the region and lived each fall in the backcountry, wrangling horses, and hunting the wildest parts of Wyoming. This heritage was passed on, and although the outfitting business was sold, the hunting and outdoor tradition carried on.

Today, this heritage is shared with Bronze Buffalo members through pack trips, backcountry expeditions, and hunting adventures across the globe. 

a long-lasting retail legacy

In the early 1920’s, a man named Mike Srour formed a silver company in California that quickly rose in popularity due to his innovative designs and legendary quality. Soon Mike was making custom silver belt buckles worn by Hollywood actors, rock stars, celebrities, and presidents of the United States. 

In 2016, this silver company, today known as Sunset Trails, was acquired by Utah-based Burns Saddlery, a single-family owned companies since 1876.  Burns has become a great partner, and you can find their quality hats, boots, belts, and Sunset Trails silver at the Bronze Buffalo Luxury Outfitters shop. 

Interestingly, Mike Srour was a great-uncle to Justin & Cody, a truly unique legacy and heritage, reconnected.

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