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"Seeing the world is a prerequisite to understanding one's place in it ."

Josh Gates

Bronze Buffalo Ranches exist to honor the generations of Bronze Buffalo Cowboys that have died with their boots on their feet. A family tradition that is certainly not a new one in the West. The meaning of this humble yet simple tradition for generations of Bronze Buffalo Cowboys is also the very spirit & essence behind the Bronze Buffalo Mission, Purpose and Bronze Buffalo Global Lifestyle Brand. Dying with your boots on certainly has a Hollywood romanticism about it and to most of the world it speaks to the freedom of dying doing what you love. For the Bronze Buffalo Family however it is symbolic of much more than that freedom alone. It is a tribute to the enduring sacrifices & perseverance of past generations and the inspirational yet symbolic tipping of the hat & passing of the stewardship baton to the next generations. With an assurance that they can lean on their authentically rich western ranch values, heritage, & traditions to find the strength & the confidence to preserve a western legacy & lifestyle that was afforded to them for the next generations.

The Bronze Buffalo Ranch - teton springs, Idaho

The Bronze Buffalo Ranch at Teton Springs is nestled in the backyard of Yellowstone National Park and is tucked away in the foothills of the iconic Teton Mountain Range, a short 20-minute drive west of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Offering an endless array of luxurious Bronze Buffalo accommodations & all-inclusive amenities you will find a true all-season property experience in every sense of the word. Bronze Buffalo Club Members, Ranch Members, & select guests hosted at the Bronze Buffalo Lodge are exclusively invited to experience the finest in authentic western adventure, hospitality, & premier ranch living. Membership to the Bronze Buffalo Ranch at Teton Springs is by invitation only.

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The Bronze Buffalo Ranch - Star Valley, WYOMING

The Bronze Buffalo Ranch in Star Valley stretches across a stunning Wyoming & Idaho landscape; comprised of several natural trout inhabited springs & rivers, grassy knoll valleys, and vast mountain-forests operating as a working multi-generational family ranch. Abundant with wildlife, waterfowl, horses, & livestock The Bronze Buffalo Ranch is deeply fortunate to not only feature one of the most unique fly-fisheries in North America but also be home to the premier western equestrian breeding & rescue sanctuary program. The Bronze Buffalo Ranch at Star Valley is accessible exclusively to Bronze Buffalo Members and is home to the Bronze Buffalo Foundation.

Ranch Membership

Although significantly distinguished from the Bronze Buffalo Club and it’s twelve new member invitations extended annually, individual Bronze Buffalo Ranches offer a highly exclusive ranch membership experience, delivering the finest in authentic western adventure, hospitality, & premier ranch living. Bronze Buffalo Ranch Memberships are by invitation only.